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Construction Engineering and Inspection (CEI) Services




Pinnacle focuses on providing construction engineering and inspection (CEI) services for a variety of infrastructure projects, including roadway, bridge and utility applications. 

We pride ourselves in exceeding our client’s expectations with respect to quality and issue responsiveness. 

Our proactive approach to project challenges has proven effective in keeping construction costs within budget, while consistently achieving project time-directed milestones.



Our team can provide the full spectrum of CEI tasks, from minor roadway improvements to Complex Category 2 projects.

Pinnacle is fully qualified under the following FDOT Work Categories:​

  • 10.1 (Roadway Construction Engineering Inspection)

  • 10.3 (Construction Materials Inspection)

  • 10.4 (Minor Bridge & Miscellaneous Structures CEI)

  • 10.5.1 (Major Structure - Concrete Bridges)

  • 10.5.2 (Major Structure - Steel Bridges)

The firm’s senior staff also has a strong background in 10.7 (Movable Span Bridges).

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